Life is complicated with choices to make paths to take.  Excerpt from Final Drive:

Rachel was obviously doing all right for herself, and she looked really hot in her short skirt, oozing with sexiness. Just looking at her made him want her. He undressed her with his eyes. Yet, she never even saw him; she was so caught up in conversation. He had to have her back. They’d had a lot of bad blood between them, but he figured it would be a piece of cake; she was easy to manipulate and control.

Oh shit, what has he done? If only he could just dial back the time and not taken the shot at Debbie in her car. He was on his way back to his apartment, tired and in his greasy clothes from welding all day when he saw her near West 60th and I-29. He was certain she gave him the finger. Rage rolled over him like a can of gasoline touched by a match. Stepping on the gas, catching nearly up with her, swerving as he reached for the thirty-eight-caliber tucked under the driver’s seat. Turning a little to the right, he stuck the gun out the side window, pulling the trigger. The bullet went through her back window, narrowly missing her. The sound of squealing tires as she swerved and then floor boarded her Lexus. His Honda was no match for her newer car.

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