D.K. Morss was born and raised in the state of Wyoming. She has been legally blind since infancy due to a pituitary brain tumor. Her mother refused to send her out of state to a residential school for the blind because of her pan-hypo-pituitary condition. Therefore, she was one of the first legally blind children mainstreamed in the public school system in Wyoming. D.K. Morss earned a BA degree in psychology and an MA in Agency Counseling with an emphasis in women’s issues at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley. She was employed as a rape crisis and domestic violence counselor. She also volunteered for suicide prevention and domestic violence hot lines. When D.K. Morss moved to California to get married, she changed careers and was employed by the U.S. Government. At the time of her retirement she worked on the national level as part of a team of six management analysts in California. Upon her retirement she received the Albert Gallatin Award, the Department of the Treasury’s highest honorary career service award. She resides in California with her husband and their two Maltese dogs, Destiny and Freddie.